Penguin Random House

«I knew the power of representation and tried to leverage the image in a way that felt authentic. (…) How would everyday people invite visitors into an art experience? How might that gesture be performed digitally? Social media could be so cold, and I wanted to make it warmer for our prospective guests.» — Kimberly Drew

Kimberly Drew published, in 2020, This is what I know about art. A sixty-three page book, part of the Pocket Change Collective collection, where Penguin Random House brought together nine titles featuring different activists.

In This is… Kimberly talks about her personal approach to…


The exhibition curated by argentine artists Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone presented its digital catalog. In a virtual after party, they commented on the experience of this proposal that emerged as a result of the current pandemic moment, but which is still an invitation to expand the possibilities of art exhibition.

«The feeling of the virtual gallery opening was: art, freedom and fun. I felt like I was in a disco, I missed him.» — Marino Balbuena

Through the international platform of Isabel Croxatto Galería, a space based in Santiago de Chile, the curators brought together twenty artists from different…

Larva MC on Instagram

«I don’t aspire to get anywhere because I don’t want to be a recognized artist and say ‘ah, I’m stuck there at the top’.»

Milagros Bustamante’s alias emerged after “being a larva” so much, that’s what a friend told her, and she identified with the MC because within the hip hop culture she was interested in composing and writing. So let’s go with Larva MC.

«I use it freestyle, I use it as a tool all the time. What’s more, if there is a free round with the kids I get on and do freestyle. But from there to competing…

Ale Funes

Culture. Art. Queer identities.

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